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For turtles in northern climates (even though I have never seen one and they don’t make sense to me). For people playing with my hair. For unexpected visitors. For K and her awesome brain. For N, and friends moving away. For reconnecting with the past. For the first cottage experience, the fire and the sky of many stars. For “pool noodle”. For good books, and for occasional bad ones. For parents becoming friends. For sister, just the way she is. For sunbathing on balcony. For glory of changing leaves. For D. For hope. For ambition. For taking myself out for dinner and loving it. For long hot baths. For loving and letting go. For Mexican January vacation and realizing going with people is not as bad as I think. For NYC trip and understanding that yes, it is, it just depends on the company. For bites and bruises, ropes and tassels. For threesomes. For debauchery and embarrassing mornings. For knowing this is not so bad. For learning when to walk away (and sometimes for still not doing it). For lazy Sunday afternoons on the couch. For crisp sheets and slow mornings. For lingerie. For walking around naked. For the joy of cooking and truffles. A lot of thankfulness for truffles. For jazz and wine. For food in general. For being loved and cared for. For amazing friends. For being a girl. For nights at the pub with a book and music. For seeing the downtown from the mountain, again but differently. For knowing all things come to an end, and that’s the beauty of it. For being happy and sometimes even for feeling sad.


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